Friday, December 28, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Today I'm actually doing a "Friday Phone Dump" on a Friday! Since the last couple of days have been pretty slow around here, I figured that we should do something today. Along with the regular play that normally happens around here, Abby and I spent quite a bit of time outside playing in the snow and then met up with some friends for a movie.  To say that we were both pretty tired by the end of the day, is putting it mildly.

I hope you enjoy our day in pictures.

Abby was so excited that her breakfast would be bacon. Now,
I realize that this looks like a whole lot of bacon, but no worries,
she took one bite of one piece and called it quits. Looks like the rest
will be salad toppings.....

After that "hearty" breakfast she decided that dancing was in order.
Unfortunately, she put a little too much "oomph" into one of her
pirouettes, and banged her head on the table.  A bit of cuddling, and a
minute of ice and she was back to dancing with gusto.

Looks like she's ready for the luge, doesn't she?

She had a blast, and tried so hard to lug that sled back up the hill, but
she insisted on going up the steepest part - stubborn little lass.

After sledding we came back to the house and let Bruiser join
in the fun - that's when Abby found the pool noodle. Bruiser was
a good sport when she started banging him with it.
What's playing in the snow without some hot cocoa to follow?

Abby was so excited about the movie - Monsters Inc., but true
to form, as soon as she'd worked her way through that tub-o-popcorn
(half of which she dumped on the floor), she was ready to go. I think she
told our friends that she wanted to "watch TV at home".  I was also thankful
that there weren't many in our theater - Abby is one loud movie-goer.
And the final fun piece to today....Abby sledding down the hill - man she got going far!

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