Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Program

This school year I feel like I've done much better - keeping track of Abby's events, that is. I'm so used to my school schedule and the events that I'm involved in, that it took me a bit to get the hang of Abby having her own stuff. Case in point: The Christmas Program of 2011.

Last year I got some notes about an upcoming Christmas program that the kids at Abby's school would be putting on in the evening, at the local middle school. I did have it in the back of my mind, but one evening, as I was cleaning out her book bag, I saw the reminder that it was that evening. Considering that Abby was already in bed, it was clear that we wouldn't make it. I certainly felt bad, but it wasn't until I got a note from her teacher the next day saying that they had missed us, and that Abby had been so excited each time they practiced for the program - insert knife to Mom's heart. To say I felt like a huge heel was an understatement.

Therefore, this year we were on the lookout for the Christmas program - there was no way we would miss this one. Today was that day. Instead of having it in the evening though, it was in the morning, during school. As soon as we got the date and time, Jason cleared his schedule, but it wasn't until this morning that I thought I might be able to sneak out for a bit - and thanks to our wonderful principal I was able to do just that.

Jason and I had great seats as we watched Abby, front and center, singing "Jingle Bells" and shaking her bells right along with the words. We were both so proud of her. She stood up there, with no fear, and sang away. My favorite part though was the end. As the song wrapped up, and the audience clapped, my darling Abby...was the only one that took a bow.

Oh how I love her!

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