Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh, Christmas Trees!

Tonight Abby and I got crafty. It started with something I saw on Pinterest. I saw an idea for getting rid (or "repurposing") all those crayon nubs that Abby is just not interested in using anymore. By using a silicone pan and the oven we were able to make a nice little surprise for the kids in her class.

First, we sorted.

Next, we peeled the paper and broke the bigger pieces into smaller bits.

Abby was funny at this stage, she kept saying, "Ooohh, that one's
tough!" when she couldn't break the bigger ones.
Then, we popped them in a 300 degree oven until they were melted.

Abby thought that by blowing on them, she
could cool them faster.

Faster than I had anticipated, they were cooled and ready to be popped out of the pan. Jason noticed that there were a few that had gotten some shavings of a different color in them. He thought that was really cool. So.....

....for the next batch we mixed all kinds of colors.

And indeed, they came out pretty cool! Don't these look like they would be fun to color with?

Finally, I packaged them up so Abby can take them tomorrow.

Once again, Pinterest came through for us!

"Noodles" for dinner tonight - Abby throughly enjoyed them!


  1. Wow, what a fantastic idea!! I may need to steal that one day...

  2. Cute! I made star shaped ones last year for the sweet little girls in our extended family. Yours turned out great!