Monday, December 10, 2012


Well, it became apparent about an hour after I published last night's post what Abby's deal was on Sunday - she was sick.

As I laid on the couch reading, I heard her call for me, but it was when I heard the coughing that went along with it that I started running. The poor thing had a terribly sour tummy, and so as she sat shaking in front of the toilet, recovering from the aftermath of her heaves, I changed her bed and Jason steam cleaned the floor.

She assured me that she was feeling better, but I stayed with her to make sure. We both had a restless night, and it wasn't until 5 a.m. that the storms raged again. From there the day got better, she was especially cuddly, but I didn't mind. Even though she would tell me periodically that her tummy hurt, and she ate next to nothing, her fun personality did shine through. Like when she told me she wanted blue hair, and when I told her that wouldn't be happening her response was, "Oh, Mom....come on!" There was also the time when we were up snuggling in her bed, watching a movie and she told me she wanted to be Merida when she "grew up".

I'm praying for an easy night of rest for all of us. Just to make sure she's on the mend, we'll be home tomorrow too.

 Yesterday we converted Jason's Master's hood and robe into a magician's cape
and robe. This morning we got an audience together for a very short performance.
Abby soon ran out of steam and decided to join them all on the couch while she
drank a tall glass of Pedialyte - yum!

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