Thursday, December 6, 2012


It has always amazed me how quickly I came to know and understand Abby's infant cries after she came home from the hospital. Her "I'm hurting" cry just sounded different then her "I'm hungry cry". Even if I didn't always know what was causing the cry, I still knew the kind of cry it was. That still is the case.

Lately I've been hearing her, "I'm mad" or "I'm hurt" cry more often, but today I heard the, "I'm sad" cry - and it broke my heart. Jason had an early morning meeting, and so Abby needed to come with me to school. She loves doing that, and she generally isn't a problem in the half hour that she stays with my class, before I drive her (during my planning time) to her school.

When the time came for her us to leave, she just didn't want to go. Instead of becoming stubborn and resistant, Abby just broke down in tears. It was when we were in the car and I started to back out of my parking space that I really felt bad. That's when she started the begging. "No! Pleeeease.....don't drive!" she cried - over and over. What got me was that she was just so sad - she had found my kryptonite. When she's stubborn and defiant, I can be just as stubborn. When she's hurt, I can comfort her and be okay. But when she is sad I want to bawl right along with her.

Today, my heart almost stopped the car and brought her back inside, but my head told me that she would soon get over it and that her place was at school. She cried the whole way there, but once we arrived, and met up with her teacher things changed. Abby's teacher happened to be walking down the hall as I carried my crying kid into the building. Mrs. C is a fast thinker, and she immediately asked Abby to help her deliver a note. Within seconds Abby was smiling and walking down the hall with her teacher - have I mentioned how much I love that lady?

It seemed that as soon as the clouds lifted for Abby, they did for me as well. I left feeling much lighter and happier as I drove back to my school.

Tomorrow Jason has another early morning meeting, and Abby will again come to school with me, hopefully it will go smoother than this morning, but even if it is rough when we leave, I know she'll be happy once we get to her school - that makes things a whole lot easier.

Remember those "seeds" Abby planted yesterday? Well,
believe it or not they grew into candy canes overnight!
It didn't matter that it was only 5:30 in the morning - Abby
just had to try out those newly sprouted candy canes. 

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  1. Oh I hate the sad cry! It really does hurt our hearts. I hope tomorrow goes much better.