Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Girl Just Wants to Have Fun

I've talked about Abby's boundless energy before, but today she just seemed full of it - she wasn't bad, just busy. Maybe it was particularly apparent since we stayed in. The thing is, Abby loves to play, and if she could she'd play until she keeled over from exhaustion. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that she's active. For example, I've never worried about her "zoning out" when she's watching T.V., she doesn't sit still long enough to do any kind of "zoning".

But....she just doesn't want to quit - and it wears me out. This afternoon she was having a great time dancing and playing instruments to some music while I read on the couch. It was lovely, but when she came to me carrying some of her dolls, saying, "Play with me, Mom" I couldn't say, "No."  We played for quite a while. The dolls danced, they did some karate fighting, they even did spinning twirls in the air. Then, thinking that I would "bring things down a bit", I invited Abby to cuddle while I told a story involving her dolls. We both liked that, but by the end of it I was getting tired of "playing".... and Abby was just getting started.

Next she wanted to sword fight with drum sticks, but the second time she rapped my knuckles I told her we were done - she didn't like that. This is what typically happens. She wants to keep going, and Mom just needs a break. I'm sure in her mind she's thinking: Why would anyone want to stop having fun?

Luckily, Daddy stepped in before it got too ugly, but we talked later how Abby could honestly play hard all day long. I just wish I had her stamina...and for her sake, the desire to play Barbies and color all day.
Abby was feeling very "western" today.

I also had some time to work on a little "repurposing" project. Abby had a cute
pair of jeans that had a slight problem - they didn't do a great job of keeping her
rump covered. So, I gathered some left over fabric and turned them into a cute skirt.
It fit right into her "Cowboy" theme. By the way, the pose was all her idea.

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