Thursday, December 13, 2012

Like Mama

Abby has always been an intriguing combination of girly-girl and tom-boy. She will run, jump, and play as hard as any boy, but she'll be doing it wearing a tutu and a princess crown. Some nights though, one wins over the other - tonight it was the girly-girl.

This evening was our Christmas music concert at school, and since I direct the choir, I needed to be there. As I got ready, Abby was there, hanging onto the back of my shirt and asking questions like, "Now what are you doing?" and demanding, "It's Abby's turn!" When I put powder on, Abby wanted powder. When I put my eyeliner on, Abby wanted eyeliner. When I put my lipstick on, Abby wanted some lipstick. She's done this before, and I have to say I'm not always very patient with her, especially when I'm in a hurry to get going, but tonight as she put on her "work clothes, like Mama," I realized that she was just wanting to be like me.

I was humbled.

And so I put those pretend earrings in her ears, and took the time to tint her lips with some red lipstick. She was terribly sweet when she then put her little hand in mine and told me she was ready to "go to work". What a sweetie.

Luckily, just as I was leaving Jason needed Abby's help with a project he was working on, so she didn't feel the need to come with me after all - and since she'd gotten her girly-girl fix, she could indulge her inner tom-boy and help Daddy with what he was building.

Pretty Girl!

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