Monday, December 3, 2012

The Meeting

Tonight we got a special opportunity - we got to go to a school board meeting. Now, I know what you are thinking, A school board meeting? I thought people avoided those. Not tonight.

Several weeks ago I got word from Abby's principal that her teachers would be formally recognized by the board for their quick thinking when it came to Abby's "apple episode" at the end of October. I thought this was very fitting and wanted to know if we might write a letter to the board expressing our appreciation of these two great ladies. When I mentioned the recognition to Jason, he mentioned that it would be important for all of us to be at the meeting as well, so when I got the letter written and sent off to the principal I let her know that we would also like to be there. She asked if I wanted to read the letter to the board, but I knew there was no way I would be able to get through it without tears.

Tonight was the meeting, and on our way there we prepared Abby for it. We made sure to let her know this would not be something that she could "take over". I had the sneaking suspicion that there would be microphones, and I could just envision her grabbing one and saying, "Alright everyone, showtime!" So we made sure to tell her that we would have to stay in our seats and be quiet. I shouldn't have worried...after all, Mrs. Currie and Mrs. Davis were there.

When we walked into the gym I realized that we would not be the only guests. There were several people filling up the audience, but soon enough Abby spotted her teachers and she was off to greet them. She even had a big hug for Mrs. P, the school secretary. She decided that she wanted to sit by them, and so she took the only empty seat in the row. When I asked if she wanted to sit behind them with Mom and Dad, her answer was, "No, not right now." It was so fun to watcher her periodically looking up at Mrs. Davis, and shooting her an extra cute Abby smile.

Being the only kid there, people noticed her, and I noticed that. There was the man in the front who smiled at Abby the whole time we all were saying the Pledge of Allegiance (Abby included), there was the lady next to me who commented on how cute Abby was, and there was the numerous faculty members from Abby's school that were smiling as she primly sat with her hands folded in her lap - Abby was at her most charming tonight.

I was unprepared though when they asked us all to the front as the principal read our letter. I tried hard to keep control as she read our appreciation aloud for all to hear. These women were truly life savers. As I barely held on to my composure, Abby sat at the guest speaker's table and smiled so nicely at her teachers and the principal, every so often looking back at Jason or myself to gage our response to her excellent behavior. In that moment I couldn't have been prouder. It made it all the more difficult to maintain my tenuous grip on my emotions - I wanted to blubber right there in front of them all, and to my embarrassment a few sob/gasps/snorts escaped  - I guess it could have been worse, I could have lost it completely (and believe me, I am not a delicate crier - it is not pretty).

After our presentation Abby wanted to stay, "until it's over". There we sat for a few more minutes until we could finally convince her to leave, but it still took Mrs. Davis walking us out for Abby to get moving. I tell you those ladies are magical when it comes to our kid.

Once again, I am so thankful for the people that God has brought into our lives, all because of one very special little blessing - Abby.

Last night Ellie was busy, she made a mini-North Pole right there on our coffee
table. I guess since Abby has been so nice in showing her around our house, she
wanted to show Abby what her house was like - I just wish she would have cleaned
up a bit better.

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