Saturday, December 1, 2012

Just Abby

We don't always call Abby, "Abby". In fact, she has many nicknames that range from the mundane (Peanut, Stinker, & Pumpkin), to the more creative (Snicklefritz & Punk-a-Dudie).

Sometimes what we call her has less to do with us, and more with who she has declared herself to be. There have been several times when I've been imperiously commanded to call my daughter, "Your Highness" or "Princess Abigail" - to which I will generally comply. There are also the many times when her name depends on the character she is portraying - Mulan/Abby, Fiona/Abby, and Superhero/Abby are just a few of my favorites.

Most days she simply takes whatever we call her and runs with it, but today she wanted to be "just Abby". There were several time throughout the day when Jason or I would pull out a creative nickname and Abby would pause, look at us, and say, "No. Just Abby."

I guess there are some days when it feels better to be "just" who you are. Today was one of those for Abby.

It seems that Ellie spent the night meeting Abby's other buddies.
She was even nice enough to share a story with them!
Pirate/Abby....Aaarrrrr! Going by the look on her face, she
is certainly up to no good - the scurvy dog!
Dada couldn't help but pick Abby up a little surprise when
he went grocery shopping today. She "practiced" all day. This
evening, when Jason asked her what the best part of her day was
she said, "Shooting arrows!" 

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