Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Break

Today was one of those days that epitomizes many of the reasons I look so forward to Christmas break.   Since about 11:30 a.m. snow has been steadily falling and the view from our windows, to the world beyond, is a veritable winder wonderland. While I sit cozy and warm in my favorite knitting chair, I can watch the world outside fill up with snow. Knowing that we have no where we need to be goes a long way in helping me enjoy the blanket of white.

Yes, today would have been the perfect "Christmas Break Day" if it weren't for the trip to the doctor that it became apparent was required. For days now Abby has been battling a cold. Sleeping has been tough because of a nightly clogged nose, and her face has become red and raw from frequent wiping. It was yesterday, though that really got me thinking about calling the doctor. A couple of times, after Abby had blown her nose, she would hold on to her right ear, a sure sign that an infection was likely.  Luckily, our doctor's office was open today and able to fit us in.

So, as the snow began in ernest, we bundled up and headed out. Sure enough, her ears were fluid filled and her throat was red. Antibiotics were prescribed and ordered, along with some drops for her suspiciously red eyes. You would think with the amount of medicine that she was given, she'd be pretty miserable, but Abby is one tough cookie - there's no way a mere ear infection would keep her down. She was much more interested in the book she found in the exam room that glowed in the dark, and the challenge became convincing her that it wasn't ours to take home. I've never been as thankful for our co-pay as I was today, because it was handing off the responsibility of paying that to Abby that got her moving towards the front door.

Even though going to the doctor wouldn't make the list of "Favorite Christmas Break Activities", I'm still grateful that we were on break when it became necessary. I would rather know that she has time to recover - time when we have no responsibilities, and no where we need to be. So, you could say it was still a very, very good break day - doctor's visit and all.

Lovin' her some Bruiser.

Popcorn for lunch? Why not?

You can't really tell, but she is smiling and saying, "Cheese!" here.

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