Friday, December 21, 2012

So Excited

Maybe it was because today was the last day before Christmas break....or maybe it was because we woke up to a snow covered lawn...whatever it was, Abby was completely over the moon - so excited that I'm sure she was hardly focused on anything at all. After school I went to pick her up and her teacher mentioned that she was so excited about Christmas coming up.  I saw it first hand when I came into her room and she couldn't sit still. She must have hugged everyone of her classmates at least twice, and her teachers three or four times - wishing them Merry Christmas along the way - in fact, she even hugged the carousal that housed the class scissors.

By the time I was able to herd her out of the school, she was bouncing with each step, playing with some of the decorations she'd made. It's a good thing that tomorrow we head off to my Mom's for some presents and Christmas cheer - she's likely to explode if this goes on much longer.

Abby plays in the new snow while waiting for the bus. The kid certainly loves her snow!

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