Monday, December 17, 2012


Abby has become quite the artist of late. She is focusing on portraiture, and so I thought I would offer you a sample of her work.

Title: "Mommy and Me"
Artist: Abby
Medium: Ink on Paper
Comments: "Mommy" would be the taller figure to the left, and "Me" would be the one in the middle (with the glasses).

Title: "Important People"
Artist: Abby
Medium: Ink on paper
Comments: Abby included some of the people she sees every day. From left to right: Abby, Mrs. Davis, Mommy, Mrs. Currie, & Dada

Title: "Self Portrait"
Artist: Abby
Medium: Graphite on Paper
Comments: Abby's view of Abby

Title: "Happy Abby"
Artist: Abby
Medium: Graphite and Marker on paper
Comment: Abby is happy - 'nuff said.

Ellie decided to help Mom out by packing Abby's lunch last night. Thanks Ellie.

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