Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Christmas is a week away, and I have to say that I have never been this prepared, except for a few odds and ends (oh yeah, and that dress I want to make Abby), we have everything ready. Tonight, while putting Abby to bed, I was mentally reviewing my list of things that I need to accomplish, and I realized that the only big thing left was to do the wrapping.

I don't really mind wrapping presents, in fact, I kind of like it. I only wish I could put them under the tree once they are wrapped, but there's no way Abby could handle that. In fact, for the last couple of Sundays I've avoided (like a plague) taking Abby anywhere near the "Angel Tree" at church. I could just envision Abby assuming that all those presents were there just for her, and diving in.

This line of thinking led to happy thoughts about how excited she will be on Christmas morning....which lead to memories of Christmases past....which made me think about a song I heard on the radio tonight. It was while I was driving around this evening that a Sara Groves song called "Toy Packaging" came on. I actually laughed out loud - because it was so true.

Sara Groves sings about how incredibly irritating (and nearly impossible) it is to try to get new toys out of their packaging. Honestly, every birthday, Christmas, and other random gifting times throughout the year I am mumbling under my breath as I wrestle the toy out of the tape, cardboard, twist-ties, and zip ties that are holding it still. (Seriously, I have broken at least two pairs of scissors trying to cut those stupid zip ties!) All of this is, of course, done while Abby is laying on the floor crying - it certainly makes for a festive celebration.

This year I've decided that the "toy packaging" will be dealt with pre-wrapping, when Abby isn't around to see the cutting, thereby making for a much more pleasant Christmas morning - with nary a pair of scissors in sight!

I found this cute video on YouTube that perfectly fits the song!

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