Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Our day started early - as they normally do, but today I didn't care. Abby was so thrilled to see all the gifts and got right to them, honing in on the biggest one first. After each opening she would gasp and say, "Oh, thank you! I love it!....What's next?" Seriously, I could have probably wrapped up empty boxes and she would just be happy to be ripping the paper off.

Today we were also able to head out to celebrate with Nana and Papa, as well as Aunt Keri and Uncle Joe. It was a wonderful day.

Bless Jason. This year I had one thing on my mind when it came to Abby's "big" gift - an American Girl
Doll. He didn't get it, but he gave in anyway.He wanted both of his girls to be happy - what a guy!

She also got a prop to add to her Pirate collection - a pirate
telescope. She's spying on Daddy here. Arrrr, Matey!

There was a whole slew of presents related to "Annie". I made a diaper bag and we got some feeding stuff. As Jason put
it, "That American Girl Doll got as many presents as Abby did!" Abby did have a great time being "Mommy" today, though.

One thing I thought Abby would love is to dress like her doll. So I made sure to make her a dress
like Annie's. The craft store gift card that I got will come in handy - I can tell you that!

I loved the fact that when Abby was enjoying her snack, she was making sure that Annie wasn't neglected.
Sure, she's doing a bit of "force feeding", but her intentions were good.

Abby also got a beautiful pair of bongos. We had to listen to lots of "drum" music on our ride
out to Nana and Papa's. Half way there she decided to give Annie some lessons.

They even got matching jammies from Nana and Papa. Of course, they had to be tried on right away -
even though it was the middle of the afternoon.

Once again we were reminded today of our many blessings - about how generous God has been. We hope that you all had a very happy and blessed Christmas as well.

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