Saturday, December 15, 2012

No News

Today we played....and we didn't watch any news.

I deliberately made the choice not to watch the constant stream of what happened in Connecticut today. There was no need. I heard what happened yesterday, and I know enough to understand that it is going to take time before the whole story comes out. It seems such an invasion of privacy to intrude on Newtown's grief.

It also would do me no good to hear of it over and over again. So, while I finished up a Christmas sewing project, Abby played - then we played together. It was just what I needed.

Today we kept the world at bay, and it was a good choice.

Nothing like a "queeze" from Abby!

Abby didn't like that I was laughing - so she took care of that.

Abby got the great idea to "make" a drum for Santa, but she
soon started to get upset when it didn't work out. She wanted
a really good drum, so Jason raided the Christmas "stash"
and Abby got her drum a bit early. It was well worth it!

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