Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lots of Laughs

Since we've had a couple of busy days lately, I thought it might be a good idea to stay in and take it easy today. With the 5 a.m. wake-up call that Abby gave me I'd anticipated a long (and crabby) day, but such was not the case. It was a day filled with lots of laughs and plenty of fun - exactly what you might expect spending a day with Abby might be like.

Here are some of the highlights:

TP Costume

One of the shows Abby enjoyed today was "The Pixie Hallow Games", a short featurette that showcases Tinker Bell and her fairy friends in an Olympics style competition. It was around the second time she was watching it that she left the room and headed upstairs. It was clear the kid was on a mission, so I asked what she was doing. All she would tell me was, "Like Rosetta, Mom." I was curious, of course, but I was completely baffled when she came down with a roll of toilet paper. 


She instructed me that she wanted her hands and wrists wrapped, and so that's what I did, securing them with a bit of tape. It was later that I caught a glimpse of the movie and saw that "Rosetta" (a garden fairy for those of you who may not know) had wrapped her hands and wrists in sports wrap for the games. Abby wanted to be just like her as she acted out the scenes. I drew the line though at putting mud under Abby's eyes, as she requested - she'd just have to use her imagination on that one.

Magical Mom

Later Abby wanted to watch "Enchanted", and as you probably guessed she wanted a "Giselle Dress" (a.k.a. a huge white wedding dress) to wear. Since she doesn't have a white play dress I told her to get the red one that was on the chair and I would do some magic. She totally bought that and excitedly put the dress on. I then waved my hands around, said some gibberish, and with a dramatic "Poof!" told her that she was now wearing a beautiful white "Giselle Dress". She sweetly smiled, said, "Thank you!" and then ran off to dance away to the music.

Later the same technique worked when she wanted a black dress to wear. Whew!

Barbie Pressure

As the day wore on Abby found her stash of Barbies, and insisted that I play with her. I'm sorry to say that I was not in the mood to play Barbies - I could have taken anything at that point....but not Barbies. I told her, "No," but she would not take that as my final answer. She then morphed into one of those bad actors from the peer pressure movies they showed us in health class. She started saying things like, "C'mon, Mom! Barbies are fun!" and "Try it... you'll like it!" I still clung to my "No Barbies" stance, even when she put all but one down and said, "Here, talk to her," as she laid across my lap - I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of what was happening, but finally, finally she put them away...and we moved on to coloring.

The Layered Look

Today seemed to be the day for multiple changes. I think she wore each of her dress-up outfits at least once during the day, but the last one was the best. She has this one "dress" that used to be a slip of mine, and since it was chilly I made sure that she was wearing her pajamas under it. So picture pink heart p.j.'s with a bright red silky slip over the, mix in the fact that she had the tool belt she got for Christmas firmly strapped around her waist, with a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench in the front pocket - that's what she looked like. She didn't quite understand why I was laughing, and she kept asking me, "What's so funny?" to which I could only respond: "You are."

Silly Coconut!

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