Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

There isn't too much better in my mind than a beautiful blanket of snow covering the ground on Christmas Eve - the only problem was when it came...but beggars can't be choosers. This afternoon, as we set off for our annual Christmas Eve celebration at Nana and Papa's we felt as if we were driving in a snow-globe. We stopped before we hit the highway to fuel up and then made a decision. We'd try again tomorrow. With conditions as they were we were looking at a good two hours of driving each way, we'd be spending more time on the road than actually visiting with family. So, we turned around and headed back home, knowing that we would see the family tomorrow.

Abby was disappointed, until we told her that we needed to get home in order to get ready for Santa. She perked right up at that. Once we got in the house she sat right down and got to work on a letter for the jolly old guy. She was pretty serious too, because by the time she was done she'd "written" on eight sheets of paper, front and back. Apparently, she had a lot to say.

I think it was during dinner, around five o'clock or so, that she clarified a point with me. "Mom?" she said.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Santa's coming tonight?....While I'm sleeping?"

"Yep, he'll come while you are asleep," I said.


"Mom, I'm tired now. Let's go read books."

I laughed at that, and told her that we would go up once she was done with dinner. Soon enough she was ready to head up. So we made sure that she said good-bye to Ellie the Elf until next year. We got their picture by the tree and then Abby gave her a hug and said, "Bye, Ellie. Have fun seeing Santa!"

Even though she is excited about tomorrow she didn't have any trouble falling asleep tonight. She had a lot of sweet moments throughout the day, but it was her final moment that really got me. I was laying next to her, with her head cuddled on my shoulder and my arm curved around her. She had been sleeping for a good 5 minutes, while I caught up on some Facebook scoop on my phone. Suddenly, she said, "I love you," - without ever opening her eyes or interrupting her deep breathing.

Yep, I already have my "Christmas Miracle" - and she just keeps getting better and better with each passing year. I am so very, very blessed.

She's so focused she needed to have her tongue out.

I think Daddy said something about presents when I
snapped this one, and it totally drew her focus.

Finally, Abby has a Christmas greeting for all of you!