Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ellie Update

I realized this morning that I didn't post a picture of Ellie's activities last night, so since she also had a nice surprise for Abby after school I thought tonight's post would be an update on her activities.

Monday night, Ellie so very kindly set up our nativity. She found the perfect spot - on top of our TV cabinet.

Last night she took the long trip back up to the North Pole. Since we are in Michigan she must have hit some construction, because she wasn't back until after school today - but she brought a surprise with her.

She gave Abby some of Santa's magical seeds. Abby was very excited to see that she also had a note waiting for her.

As soon as she heard that Ellie had gone to visit Santa she got even more excited.

Abby quickly got to planting the seeds...

...and then sprinkled the magic dust that Ellie also brought with her, so it would grow faster.

Abby was convinced that she could see it growing right before her eyes. We are both excited to see what will sprout overnight.

Since Abby now realizes that Ellie has a direct line to Santa, she thought it might be a good idea to whisper a few things in her ear - things that only Santa should know.

In case Ellie forgot, she also made sure to include a note.

When I asked her what the note said, here's what she told me:

Dear Santa,
I'm going to come and visit you some day, when I grow up. Please [make sure] Rachel and Jane have presents too - and Rachel's Mama, Carter, and Jane's Grandma. Thank you for the seeds.

I love the fact that she thought of her friends first.

So far Ellie has been an excellent house guest. I wonder when she's going to show her mischievous side....

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